Coordination Pilot Projects Proceed in North Dakota

In early October, the North Dakota Department of Transportation gave SURTC the go-ahead to proceed with a 15-month project aimed at implementing coordination-related recommendations in two North Dakota pilot regions.  The project’s task list centers around recommendations developed by SURTC in response to a mandate enacted during North Dakota’s 2009 legislative session. See the project web page for more details. Tasks include the provision of responsive transit services within individual communities and counties, increasing coordination among the regions’ transit service providers, increasing public awareness regarding the availability of local transit services, and promoting overall operator effectiveness and efficiency.  Jon Mielke will serve as the regional coordinator for the 7-county west central region, and Keven Anderson will serve as the coordinator for the 12-county south central region.  The project’s final work product will be a corresponding report for the 2013 Legislature. Contact Jon Mielke at or Keven Anderson at for more information.

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SURTC is a part of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University