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NDSU is partner in U.S. Department of Transportation grant to study transit

North Dakota State University is one of four universities that will cooperatively conduct research and provide training and outreach related to public transit under a $3.5 million grant awarded this week by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

NDSU is a partner with the University of Illinois at Chicago and Florida International University in Miami.  The University of South Florida in Tampa will lead the effort.  The Small Urban & Rural Transit Center, a part of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Research Institute at NDSU, will provide expertise in rural and small urban transportation.  NDSU will receive about $500,000 from the grant.

The grant was one of 22 awarded in the University Transportation Centers Program administered by the DOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration and was one of two grants specifically targeted to consortiums that will study public transportation.

“NDSU has developed expertise in transit management and coordination, among other areas specifically related to transit providers in rural and small urban areas,” notes Jill Hough, director of the Small Urban & Rural Transit Center. “Our participation in this effort brings added knowledge and awareness to assure that the issues faced by rural and small urban transit providers are addressed.”

Overall, the partnership will focus on the following topic areas:

  • Enhancing transit safety
  • Developing procedures and approaches to help agencies better care for their fleets and facilities
  • Exploring how transit can enhance economic competitiveness of business, regions or communities
  • Enhancing the livability of regions or communities through transit
  • Improving environmental sustainability of transportation systems and transit operations.

“In each of these areas we will bring a rural or small community focus,” Hough noted.  “We will also gain ideas from our partners that may be transferable to the smaller transit providers that we serve. Each of the four partner universities brings unique strengths and accomplishments to this consortium, but by working together we will enhance our overall collective contribution to the transit industry.” Hough said.

Transportation Seminar: Giving Effective Presentations

Carol Wright will present a seminar Nov. 15 on Giving Effective Presentations for UGPTI's Transportation Seminar Series.

At one point or another, each of us is called upon to give a presentation. It might be in front of a college class, at a business meeting, at a conference, or at a research forum. One of the most highly sought after skills is the ability to stand on your feet in front of an audience, say what you want to say, and be effective in the way you present your material. A person who can stand in front of a group with poise and confidence creates the perception of competency.

Regardless of the setting for your presentation or your public speaking experience level, this seminar will provide you with strategies and techniques for building upon your existing skills, as well as tips for improving your performance and stepping up your confidence the next time you give a presentation.

A recording of the seminar will be made available online shortly after it is completed.

Ride or Relocate Webinar

SURTC and the National Center on Senior Transportation (NCST) held a live webinar August 3rd. The webinar was cosponsored by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and the Community Transportation Assistance Program (CTAP). The presentation addressed results from a study conducted in North Dakota which quantified the cost of living at home and riding transit versus relocating to an assisted living facility. In addition, potential marketing strategies were presented utilizing the results of the study to reach people who may be in the process of making these difficult decisions. View the archived seminar

Transit Management Training

Principles of Transit Management will be offered May 17-19 at the Doublewood Inn in Fargo. This training is an intensive three day course that covers virtually all aspects of transit and paratransit management for rural and small urban operators across America. More information about the training and registration is available here.


SURTC to Hold Courses on Principles of Transit Management and Fiscal Management

SURTC trainer Carol Wright will be conducting a Principles of Transit Management course January 11-13 in Alexandria, Minnesota. Principles of Transit Management is an intensive three-day course that covers virtually all aspects of transit and paratransit management for rural and small urban operators across America.

To address concerns of transit managers trying to balance their financial operations while meeting the transit needs of the communities they serve, SURTC is holding a training course called Transit Dollars and Sense: Sound Fiscal Management Using Performance Measures February 7-8 in Houston, Texas.  This class will provide transit agencies with easy to understand tools, strategies, and suggestions and will help participants so that they can accurately know their fully allocated costs, prepare accurate budgets, evaluate their transit system's performance, improve decision making, and develop tracking mechanisms that can provide important information for managing transit operations.

For more information about these courses, including registration information, visit SURTC's Training and Outreach webpage.

SURTC Now Scheduling 2011 Training Dates

SURTC is already looking forward to the coming year with regard to its successful training programs.  Many of you have asked for 2011 dates, so the calendar is now “open” and ready for booking.  The dates fill quickly, so we would encourage you to plan ahead.  If you are interested in having SURTC provide  training, please contact Carol Wright, Associate Director for Training and Outreach, at 701.231.8231 or by email at  Popular training programs range from multiple day classes such as Principles of Transit Management and Business Plan Development to individual offerings such as the Implementing Rural Transit Technology class developed by David Ripplinger in partnership with the National Transit Institute.  Other topics include diversity, ethics, cost allocation, financial management, working with local governments, performance measures, human resources, tribal transit, and motivational leadership.  A complete list of training topics and brief descriptions can be found by clicking on the Training and Outreach tab.

Principles of Transit Management Course to be Held in Texas

The Small Urban & Rural Transit Center will be holding its Principles of Transit Management course in Mesquite, TX on September 21-23.

Principles of Transit Management is an intensive three-day course developed by SURTC that covers virtually all aspects of transit and paratransit management for rural and small urban operators across America.  The course has eight core modules covering the key principles of transit management: Human Resource Management; Financial Management; Administration; Operations & Service Design; Procurement; Vehicle and Facility Maintenance; Safety, Security and Emergency Management; and Drug and Alcohol Program Compliance.  It is an excellent course for both experienced managers and those who are relatively new to their positions.

More information about the course, including registration information, is available on the Principles of Transit Management web page.

SURTC to Host Bus Safety and Security Training

The Small Urban & Rural Transit Center is sponsoring a one day seminar, FTA Transit Bus Safety and Security Program Overview, on Tuesday, August 17th from 8-4pm.  The seminar will be held on the campus of North Dakota State University in Research Building I located at 1735 Research Park Drive in Fargo.  This national seminar is being facilitated by Ream Lazaro, a well-recognized transit management consultant.  The focus of the workshop will be to assist participants in understanding the new FTA Transit Bus Safety and Security Program as well as to identify “best practices.”  There is no cost for the seminar, but participants are required to register online at the training's webpage.

Rural Transit Technology Course to be Held in Conjunction with NRITS Conference

Implementing Rural Transit Technology, a joint course of the Small Urban & Rural Transit Center and the National Transit Institute, will be held August 1-2 in Huntington, West Virginia, in conjunction with the National Rural ITS (NRITS) Conference.  The course is geared toward transit professionals, state DOT office staff, and regional planners involved in planning and implementing technology-based systems for rural transit operations.

A specialized transit track that includes transit-specific sessions, a human services transportation workshop, in addition to the Implementing Rural Transit Technology course will be part of this year's NRITS Conference.  Registration for participation in the transit track can be made online.

More information on the Implementing Rural Transit Technology course is available on the course's web page.

Rural Transit Technology Course to be Held in Alaska and Virginia

The Small Urban & Rural Transit Center in partnership with the National Transit Institute is presenting the course Implementing Rural Transit Technology May 10-11 in Anchorage, AK, and June 9-10 in Charlottesville, VA.

The course presents a structured approach for planning, implementing, and evaluating rural transit projects to help ensure that agency needs and expectations are met.

SURTC is a part of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University